About us

Born in the ’70s, raised in a city, driven by the waves to explore the world in search of emotions… we landed in Fuerteventura over 20 years ago, where we found rugged land and charming people. Here, we fell in love, started a family, and put down roots. Avid entrepreneurs, passionate surfers, enthusiastic livers of life, we share our tastes and stories with those who have been following us from project to project… and with anyone who wants to enjoy a good coffee and a nice conversation.


At La Central, we offer the best of ourselves in the form of food, surf lessons, and various items carefully selected from local artists. We believe in traditional business, the neighborhood kind that knows its customers by name and understands their preferences and needs. We embrace locally sourced products and, whenever possible, those that are environmentally friendly and created by people who care.


We hope you feel comfortable in this, your home.


Fuerteventura is action and adventure all year round

Start surfing today and change your life forever